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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the city t that is the third day of november, 2016 at 7:00 o'clock excuseem me 8:00 o'clock. >> happy monday it feels like monday friday eve as we college. but heavy rain is now working along the sure way on to 71 all the way further south right on into the art of the snow belt. we to the south of akron where we've had good rainfall most of
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up in willoughby where it's generally stay in the 60s we will see a big cool down behind the rain with general terms there is the overall forecast temperatures will stay steady in the 60s and fall back through the middle 50s as thel morning continues. the north northwest wind will the cloud cover i highly doubtr we will see all lot in out in the way of sunshine. we talk about that in a few minutes. traffic time with patty. >> south of us the folks in akron are having issues on the roadways 76 westbound before route eight also a disabled vehicle routing northbound to watch out for a couple of accidents up 77 northbound
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the accident i spoke of earlier it definitely causing delays and another accident before that mother nature is kind of doing a number on us.oi about 22 minuts on the east sure waybo 77 north between for 80 and for 90 chicago this morning as the cubs ended their long title drought early this morning.g >> cleveland is not make it easy for them what i game last night we have highlights on the devastating loss. >> good morning. good morning, everyone definitely big celebrations we are hearing te cubs just arrived home there are
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their own home turf. definitely a hard loss for cleveland last night theyy fought so hard if yu stayed up for the game he could see how hard they were fighting thefi ticket all the way into extra innings which is pretty incredible to think about considering they were behind b from the very beginning. >> in the air to center it is gone. dexter fowler hit a leadoff back in the third carlos santana delivered an rbi single to tie he gave up two runs in te fourth before surrendering my homework. john came out for chicago through a wild pitchc to francisco and then the big play david squares or two ?- one homer to tie the game at six. the team goes into extra innings
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through eight ?- seven was the final. >> of course i wanted to finish it but it is just part of the game i don't know when i will be back, but i truly believe in what we have am looking forward to it.l >> it's their time of their time and fortunately for ushe the streak is over we we're still going onn. >> world series pitching in game seven funit. >> as you do know, the cubs came back from a three ?- one deficit they are the first team to win games six and seven on the road to take the title since 1979 that was the last time i team won games six and seven on the road we are at home advantage but if you are listening there
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well. >> it was incredible every time they did something the crowd went wild. they did. they did for make it so close at such an easy drive for them c to get hee are just made just made it easy. >> a lot ofgege clevelanders maa lot of money off the cob. >> curb. >> they sure dide thank you. >> what an incredible seen it was for the cavaliers to come back after being down three ?- oneie with golden state see you have great respect knowing that we did it and that was oddsta. >> what a wild time the team took us some playing baseball in november? that is incredible. >> a wonderful wonderful ride for allll of us as fans of coure wes are disappointed and sad bt so full of respect for thoset wonderful organizations and teams. >> we go to progressive field this morning with more on the dayt after. >> good morning. they have
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to remember a team that was not even supposed to make it out of the first roundf of the playoffs against the boston red sox but they amazed us over and over againve to finding the balance battling against all those who doubted them against all the injuries and suddenly we were believing they could win the wholevi thing. last night's gae was one of the most spectacular space bar games in history. they tied it up in the eight the crowd went wild by the tenth inning they frank was out of players the cubs won. you can't help out make any indians fan sad, but we also have that knowledge that this tribe team was nothing short of remarkable. >> a tremendous came the best game i've ever been to the battles and they were down. two out of the three best pictures and they won seven games i can't say enough about their effort. >> so proud of our tribe they
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pictures theyow gave it everythg we had we love cleveland we love the indians. they rock. congratulations to the cubbies if it could not be as congratulations to them. >> at least it was somebody else with no longer streaka with a longer drought then we had congratulations these guys left it on the field there was nothing more they could've put out there, and you saw that effort last night when they came powering back. >> we love that what a great game and a great ride writers. >> we are proudea. >> we are. we are proud of them win a or lose. absolutely. a great season it up. it up. thank you very much,s stacy is n outstanding season for the indians no other way to describe
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after he came to an end. >> it is kind of surreal to be standing on a baseballll field n your hometown that you covered for an entire took the visitors to the nth degree force them into extra innings only to lose by an eight ?- seven count congratulations to the chicago cubs. they were the team most check payable to be the world champions they were the ones a lot said could end the 108 your routesa incredible game seven against the indians tonight here in cleveland, ohio the indians battled back from a six ?- three count and they were ableth b wih all theseit cubs fans in attendance able to tie the game in extra innings. but it was not to be this was the little engine that could to cleveland indians the team most did not think woodwind the firstea round the second round with the third round they went all the way to game seven came up short had a
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opportunities were missed, but up by and large the indians hado one heck of a year to remember congratulations to tito and company and i am company and i am certain tribe fans nationwide will be c excited about the prospects heading into next year.xcb >> the world series you remember here in cleveland. >> that iss for sure. thank you so much congratulations to her cleveland indians who were also make sure we have other headlines to get you caught up ondidi asking for help to locate a missing cleveland heights woman police say she was last seen leaving her brookline homesh yesterday here's a photo of her the 70 -year-old was wearing a black coat, black pantsts and black gloves. she does suffer from dementia. if you see here, please call 911. >> jury deliberations set to get underway in the trial of a man accused of gunning down three
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two counts of murder for the killingse f in warrensville heis in february of 2015 the third alternate juror will help decide the case after they were dismissed with three from the panel. a stolen police cruiser after a violent confrontation withio all local police officera witness shot this video as it unfolded. they say he tried to stop the suspected stolen vehicle the officer pursued the suspect into cleveland where the man jumped out of the car the suspect jumped into the patrol car and drove away.ct te cruiser was later found but the suspect was not. >> ten minutes after eight is your time on this thursday morning. a very sleepy thursday still ahead on fox eight news in the morning checking into rehab former us congressman anthony weiner is making butfo is it too little too late? and the parent's worst nightmare you
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inside following candy some carrots or just about to eat. stick c around for that. >> the rain is moving out of cleveland, but so heavy rainfall to the eastern district of lighter showers temperatures of began falling into the 50s staying in the middle and upper 50s all day long. the rest looking went dry air we will talk more about that in just a few minutes. >> thank you, scott we are here at kent state state from kent, ohio when we come back, this little gem is called a coin alley when we come back, we will tell you all about it. kicking
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many in cleveland we did have the small 15 minute delay and this is the second wave of rain moving outn pretty quickly i now we see conditions drying out in and around cleveland 271nd southbound route 877 right into the heart of the snowball continuously raining temperatures are starting to fall back into the upper 50sus temperatures are will seee that cap next eastlake same deal in westlake 65 currently in massillon. i'm hoping we see some slivers of some of the way this will workll out with the winds out of the northwest will be i've for our for as to getet any sort of sunshine until probably tomorrow. look at the colder buildingti chicago at 4550 and 4558 should do it today
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and eventually moving out of the picture tonight looking a little better partial clearing those giving the lower 40s way to a nice day tomorrow cooler are not as much wind we keep it going through the weekend hardly any organized weatheriz systems across the eastern two thirds of the country that will change it does not mean all p here but we are anticipating a small warm up 60s for the tail end of the stay properly prevalentt as he look at the eight-day we keep it in the 50s hopefully at 60 by next week a chance of a shower with another cold front dropping temperatures again as we see daytime eyes trendinge below moe mall the end of next weekend the following weekend. will we see wintry weather by the following weekend? it is looking increasingly likely we don't
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>> making headlines this thursday morning ?- a memorial is going for two police officers gunned it down in an ambush style attacks. the man attack. the man suspected of the murder is now behind bars after surrendering to authorities. investigators say the 29 -year-old martin and 38 old but coming out were shot while sitting in their cars in des moines. police say 46 -year-old scott green flight - down the state worker to give himself it is not clear yet white he targeted those officers. >> resign five years ago after sending sexually explicit text to a minor minor apologize ramp a miracle he got caught once again the latest investigation isis impact of the presidential race after some of this e-mail
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connected to hillary clinton's private service. >> these middle school boys found the nail and a screw inside two pieces of candy. police say it will be hard to track down aha a suspect investigators say the objects could've been put in the candy at a factory warehouse or of course the home they handed it out, but you hate to see that every year. you know? it's ridiculous. and if it is from do i. >> it is 8:17 a.m. time to get plugged in with the therapy thursday talking about your w cleveland indians. >> maybe could have some nail and screw free kenny to try to get through the day and enjoy yourself. >> yes all take i'll take a recess cap a little therapy thursday as we talk about the indians what do you think of the game lastt night how are you
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comments that are came c in. >> we had issues hitting the ball on i spent most of the game on our backson we had it in the ninth all we needed was one run what a shame. >> congrats to the cubs and theirco fans you all deserve it congrats to the tribe you have donene amazing this year part of the hard work and dedicationin.. >> it is been an amazing season thank you to the indians for givingr it their all. we will get it next >> i'm tired of all the next seasons there was no better time than yesterday to do it we were right there. here are some voicemails. >> done from liquid ?- what a series i hope this is a new rivalry,a but i hope even though we did not when we have a lot of years tof come. >> we love the tribe. we went to the world series they should
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congratulations, go tribes. >> go tribe. >> we are happy we are happy the teame did so while it's been amazing great right we want to hear from you how things are looking for next year.grgr we l have your comments up in one more segments and to get those up. >> when you think about the entire season it was a great great season it game. an instant classic as is they call it the drama. it did it really did. but felt like a cleansing washing oil these curses. >> nineteen minutessh after 8:00 o'clock. still to come this morning ?- find out how instagram's tuning your newsfeed
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that a little bit of a hiatus because of the world series. he want to invite you to nominate your favorite school we will have it for you next week y ahed over click on the a.m. show page and it will take you right to it. we will be right back.
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.
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n't say that either. alright, good.
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we didn't need us to tell you io going to be a bad day. it truly is today is one of those aday. sad days. always wanted banks. you got been now. wayne or juanita. does that mean? m i think it may. it is you? let's start over. okay. rewind the tape. okay.vr don't use that promo. check in with scott sabol see what's happening weatherwise. good morning.d mo it's raining continuing to rain pretty good clipinin is of clevd painesville pretty good shower 57. down intoto upper 50s here in cleveland after temperatures mid- 60s mostev of theel overnight. westlake sanduskya a e 62 to 54. under mostly cloudy skies. will we see any son today? highly doubt it if we do it will
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out process will be a slow gradual way as we kick one fron through in bring in another one behind in.and in. 58 will do it scattered showers cloudy skies. trending cooler as the temperaturesoole are starting to fall. 43 tonight.ton mostlyig cloudy starting to cler out more so giving way to a nice day tomorrow.ou high couple of degrees to either side of 50 in the clearing eastern two thirds of the country now organize weathernize systems. tomorrow saturday and sundayuna look at the temperatures hopefully we can makeook a run a send it back to you guys.nd thank you. appreciate it. guess what we're talking about today? ou that's kind other feeling kristi. let it out. the baseball season comes to an and but in dramatic fashion. it an extraordinary game last night the series was fantastic. it was an incredible year foror the indians but sadly they fell to chicago cubs in the finale of the world series..thinly the that's right.righ jessica dill is live at progressive field the house of
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good morning. how are you doing? filled with sadness out here. it's pouring on us if you can't i think that's making it all just feels n' more like we loste world series. that's okay. it really waswase so many different emotions running. these two teams so paralleleio o athletically good it took to extra innings in the seventh t gameh just to get a finale. so many different emotionsjus especially after this happened. drive into left. at the wall, it's gone. tie game. rajai davis.l,t's he scores a two run homer in the bottom of the eighth. he scores a two r at one point the cubs were up 5 to 1 that homer instead tied the game at six. it was a fight to the end these teams battled all series and then battled again last night even bringing it to extra
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cubs came right back and scored cubof in the top of the 10th.h. the indians then hit an rbi single with two outs in the bottom half but mike montgomery got the final out. ngouts s win 8 to 7 in the the0t series, they battled back from b 3-1 deficit winning their firstk world series title since 1908. we fought all we fought all game. just came up a little short. i'm proud of these guys. for them to bring me over here and treat me the way that i've been treated. it's been a special year for me. that was an incredible game to be a part of. i talked before the game about it being an honor to be in a game like that. but to be associated with those players in that clubhouse, it is an honor.eforehutingn ha and i told them that. it's going to hurt. it hurts because we care..and i it's okay. it's going to hurt but that is a okay. i am so proud of the cleveland
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job andhey sad to see that it's over and when stephanie and kristi the biggest thing now is start bringing outde professionl clothing again and started got so used to wearing sweatshirts. and jeans. baseball hats. your hair up in a ponytail. you look cute. i've been working since 10:00 last night. if you guys didn't know that. you were wondering why i look like this? wondering what the excuse was. i'm kidding. we were out at dick's sporting goods a at 10:00 last night anda was funny because we did whatever but he did we not goig to go on and it's down so much and they tied it up inon n are g to go on air. wayne was shaving. all getting ready to come in. jumped in the shower. you haven't been home. you've been out all night doing this. i took a little nap. we'll put it like that don't
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that nap but close my eyes at some point.t. that's okay. did they have any of that gear starting becausea they had i didn't me to cut you off. they had the stuff out they had boxes out already. pulled them out once in tonight anda they had to put them away when they didn't.d this is interesting my photographer noticed on the boxes it saidid int boston. i think when they packed up the boston hats. they thought bostonhna going to make it to the world series. crazy. amazing thw feat of that merchae into third world countries and their wearing it could say cleveland indian world series champions we c. really incredible. so close it tells you how close we were.e fruit roller coaster of emotions last night. this tribe team took cleveland to new heights. that's right. this morning we're all waking up
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happen?thiso al it was a whirlwind and exciting for us. so many emotions last night.dons fox 8's stacey frey is live with reaction from sta on this day after. it's a tough one but went a year we had.u absolutely. the cubs one but went in immense amount of respect cleveland fans have for the indians.. terry francona was asked to describe the players and he used dee word resilient.. that's exactly what we saw from this team last night. w fans who packed east fourth street erupted in cheers when strai davis tied the game in the 8th inning with his two run home run. it was the same scene outside progressive field as thousands watched the game from gateway plaza..8th with hisrun.tsidegrei what a wild ride this team took us on, right up until the very end. they weren't even supposed to be
8:38 am
coming back never quit never quit. it was an unbelievable game to come back from 3 runs down was absolutely unreal and then to lose it this way what a shame.u. it was great game regardless who won best i've ever seen. crudely. historic fashion they finish with any other team but the cubs i guess really upset about it. lots loss of pride in our tribe and ut. after cruising through facebook and twittert and all of the comments from people thinking the indians and thosets who were able to come to the game said such a great honor to be here to be part of thanking them for this red. great to be talking baseball still.fored. no doubt. theeno other teams love to be talking baseball november 3. whatne it did for our city ourou
8:39 am
spotlighta yet again and restaurants. so many great writeups. fantastic. a new 9:00 the time. still to come this morning.the a legendary night in nashville we were all watching the indians game intc the city. some surprises last night we have a look back at last night' country music association awards if you knew that was even happening last night.if all that. plus cleveland designer and project runway star valerie mayen is here showing off some m of her creations she's about to send down the catwalk. we'll talk to her about her abo upcoming hullabaloo fashion show and fundraiser, next.he hull all right were going to check in with kenny crumpton. good morning. m want to say congratulations toru valerie alaio new guide and a nw mom what an awesome lady. acorn alley in the heart of downtownwn they have this awesomes
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everything from a haircut to a grilled cheese sandwich will show you that when we come back. kicking it with kenny. stay with us. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. judge pat dewine. al experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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dunkin's sweet bla p with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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[music playing] [music playing] mother nature echoing a little t bitl of sorrow today with some tears. that's okay we certainly hadwi n incredible run. welcome back everyone. this is an awesome woman and a great friend and she calls this wonderful eventn wo uproarious occasion. designer valerie mayen's fifth annual hullabaloo is right around the corner. delerie allamember valerie from season 8 of project runway. that's really where she made this huge name for herself. w she's here to show us some of the styles you'll see at her runway show.some i took both of my kids two years ago.kiago. yes it was. we felt like we were new york city or paris at one of his
8:44 am
is just high and awesome from the a beginning to the and. thanksbeg for being with us. thanksr for having us were alws excited to come back every yeare and promote the event with you guys.a this year is a little bit different because we are using textiles that we repurposed. you guys are nott going to believe this as we were commercial break just before valerie telling us this came from brk or explain the first o. sensational outfit.l the concept of the show is to use what we h to kind of. recycle. repurposed. the collection is called heritage basically pulled from five different thrift stores and we gathered t. here in cleveland detroit pittsburgh chicago and buffalo. this whole garment you're seeing this pink top leaves blacks blac scalloped shorts made from threr different pairsom of pants.
8:45 am
volute tracksuit a plus sized jumpsuit from the '90s. you turn around so you can see the back. absolutelyy adorable. one of a my favorite pieces. so cute. all the accessories we had maded ourselves. the weather around the neck the th visor we laser cut those. absolutely darling. usurers really have a theme. the same shoes onsolutll i'm seeing that with the built-in necklaces here in this particular election. the whole collection is bohemian. partnering with the food bank t raise awareness and we love the whole mission is aboutt using resources they have available to thema making the best of whatwht they've got. i love this outfit. tell us about this gene outfit. so cute. this dress is made from 10 10 different pairs of pants and shirts alld done him all repurposed. nothing was wasted. a are the sleeves attached to thee address i can't tell. detachable.achae wear them with or without.
8:46 am
mom pockets are a must. this is one of my favorites pretty versatile. also super unique can't be remade again. . i am in love with that. with all of these and the necklace how much does something like that go for? starting at 30 $8 and going up to 56 depending on the link length and hardware. make it to a chokerdingth so may different things you can do. as a wristlet. you can wear it on your ankle we have girl scout adorable.ts tell us aboutdo this next outfiu love it with the ohio wanted to make this in a marsh to ohio in the tribe despite the loss ohi still big believers. this one is made from some of the same material as the first garment and used iron on letters. cut out those me for all floral appliqu?s in the frontr from a couple of curtains. my goodness. no kidding. taking everything we can and
8:47 am
and. what i love about your show you future the hottest fashionsab a from the minute you walk in it is fun. you guys even performeded. the ukulele. incredibly wickedly talented and sang and danced but so much bly people can sip wine as they're watching the fashion show you have dancing after. n it's like a sensational evening. this year what's so exciting is that we have cleveland whiskey we have got candy shop. great new vendors and people contribute and it's than just for women it's for guys to. my son went he was a teenager and hea enjoyed it.ed . a fun ride from start to finish. looking at picturese it is reay fun. also you're a new mom had a baby a month ago.' her name is linda marie. i love the pictures she is so i sweet. we've been really lucky. this year s is unique not just
8:48 am
you made a human. amazing.u for this years event the thing were most excited about is just promoting cleveland promoting our love for ohio and special treat to clevelanders because d the tribe iters b because how me love cleveland offering special discountng code for tickets tomorrow 5:00 p.m. four people who purchased 5 to the indians game? anyone. any tribe spanned 20 percent on use the code roll tribe from now untile tomorrow 5:00 p.m. come and drink your sorrows away we'll get them next year.em have a greatxt time all of the information on your screen a second ago and find it on our website atio click on morning show tab for details. when you hit it big on project runway we were excited for you she is going to la were going to miss her. it's'sm great you're still in yu cleveland doing great things for our area ande no more storefrontont but you can't buy your stuff nnline. everything you can purchase online we do private eventss
8:49 am
story and gift to the city.cit youy are awesome. thank you so much. kenny crumpton is a good friend of yours. off course.ou m m kenny your body valerie is an studio and says hello.dy hi kenny. i see that. valerie is there and i want to say congrats on the wedding and congrats on the beautifulra yesi do. on your beautiful baby. how are you doing? i'm getting you that t-shirt. okay. michelle this is kind of your baby. we are in a corner alley and really gives people prospective orgive what it is. beautiful alley and retail leftt and right side to side. lots of retail left to right side to side and unique retailea because locally owned and operated shops in downtown loc kent's not just an acorn alleyy that all downtown kent. behind us is what street?
8:50 am
behind us up those stairs down past those lights and down to main. goes down erie street. how many stores are we talkingtl about? a total of 22 shops.k drycleaners barbers in the you know retail shops. everything. a mixed-use retail restaurants service businesses andd we have residential and offices upstairs as well. really. yes. also.tairir as mike is here come on over big i. okay bring out thosese and put them over here. awesome. so this is twisted melt we like it because if you guys. right here is beautiful. you guys look at mike's little description board hereat his mee board you might notice mike comk over here. you might notice some familiar names. y goddard. a a wayne dawson.
8:51 am
how did you guys come up with this idea? the idea for the names? we wanted to do something that was local for the kent students and whatnot. we thought thatth it would be a cool idea.l id. i'm getting an education i seeie michael keaton i did not know he michfrom here.e. nick favor i do know he went here. okay you have two sandwiches for us what sandwiches do you have? mister wayne dawson right here. pulled pork sandwich. what else is on a? coleslaw. mustard in cheddar cheese. sounds like wayne. this sandwich here. the goddard. what's on this one? we went with the black bean burger thought it fit hish t persona. tomatoes and spinach it's got our signature twisted sauce on it like a garlic mayo. m that is awesome. very tasty sandwich. great idea. that is awesome. tandwic
8:52 am
mccool.l. drew carey. my goodness little bit of everybody.y.dre it's also. mike thank you so much for being here i want to thank everybody who came out to showcase acorn alley andho great things happena downtown. come on downpe i think you'll be pleasantly surprised. come in cs. fox8 news will continue when we
8:53 am
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therapy thursday. some of the comments come in so far.. even though we lost our boys took us to game seven of the world series thanks for giving us something to be proud of. absolutely. ks benjamin writes indians, hold your heads up high. you have nothing to be sad about you gave us fans one good ride. biddybabe2003 writes this was
8:55 am
it was so close and our boys fought hard. you are winners in my w #rallytogther #tribe. mamag820 writes baseball at its best i went to bed when it was tied. i figured fireworks and happy cheering would wake me if the indians won.ag8 wrl atit be only thunder woke me.d when ind congrats, cubs. jocelynn writes my heart hurts i still love you lindor call me lol.tesmytill love appreciate the comment so far we'll continue some of this in the 9:00 a.m. shall. classy fans to sayy congratulation comes takes a lot to say that but cleveland you guys are awesome.o still to come on fox8 news in the morning country musicc big night out. and other big event last night inside the performances that everyone is talking about plus who took home some hardwood. inshataboupl calling all bowlers time for tht aging will wayne dawson celebrity ball a fun at the game of was that saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m. join members of the fox8 family
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to support the annie l dawson foundation which provides collegeich scholarships empowert programs and winter coats and for localloveshola students. for more information there's a link at focaden
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[music playing] [music playing] what a show last night if you
8:59 am
beyonce joining the dixie chicks on stage for a show stopping performance at the 50th annual cma awards last night. ng e on stag as for awards co-host carrieo-hc underwood won female vocalist of the year. y so excited for her. i love her.ea while chris stapleton took home male vocalist of the year. and the coveted entertainer of the year award went to garth brooks. alhe yarand i forgot to tivo with all of the excitement with the indians i forgot to record it.tite something of thing happenin last night. the world series.w anyway it was a great show they brought a lot of people togethei that haven't performed in a way i love the cmar we love country music in our house. i like carrie underwood. we know you do. we like to fist pump. thank you so much. good morning on this therapy thursdaych. friday eve. would've been better if it was friday today.wo we were all thinking wouldn't it be great if it was fridayay heh would finish up the day and be
9:00 am
work.o and a lot of sleepy folks this morning some folkse maybe not making it in today.m i would say more than a that would be my guess. good morning to you.wou i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer. ladies played with all their hearts yesterday they played right up until theerda end. they were sensational. it s was a heartbreaking but exciting game sevena live with reaction from the players after the world series came to an end last night and will show that in just a bit. a lot of celebrities theretieshe including lebron james message for the tribe.e. so exciteddr.. great to see him. will share their words and see other big names where at the game last nightame in what willu remember most about the world series? how are you feeling this morning? how are you doing? are going to share your thoughts and commentso s in this morningi download and we just want to think cleveland indians for giving us a wonderful ride.


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